New engagements begin with a conversation and, eventually, one of the four workshops listed below.

The workshops help our people understand your context, establish rapport, and define an evidence-based approach for us working together. The workshops help your people see your org as an ecosystem and work together to agree on what opportunities to tackle.


Improvement Discovery

Provides a general assessment of many aspects of an organization's ecosystem. This workshop is best when you want a broad view quickly of potential areas for deeper improvement.


Work Flow Design

Assess all aspects of value generation and processes for delivery. Uncovers opportunities for improvement in both process and structure that may be dampening desired outcomes.


Foundational Improvement

Provides an assessment of current collaboration mechanisms, talent management, and incentive systems. This will identify root cause systemic issues that will slow or prevent other areas of change. 


Strategy Deployment

Reviews current strategy artifacts and mechanics. Provides an initial outline for deploying strategy to improve alignment and focus on customer outcomes while achieving business goals.

All workshops are a 6-day package. The package consists of a 2-day facilitated workshop followed by two, 2-day onsite follow ups, taking total 3 calendar weeks. Additional consulting can be blended in as well.